Responsible Leadership Coaching

One of the standout advantages of my approach to responsible leadership coaching is the balance between leadership skills, personal development and spiritual growth.

Leadership development cultivates the skills needed to engage others, balance the needs of task and people and to use power ethically in order to bring about positive change.

Personal development nurtures self-belief, emotional intelligence, empathy and communication skills. It encourages continual self-reflection and the ability to embrace strengths and weaknesses with humility and self-awareness.

Spiritual growth, through psychosynthesis, helps to explore the deeper self, including the shadow side – vital if leaders are to avoid arrogance and narcissism. It cultivates mindfulness, self-acceptance and the ability to be calm in the midst of difficulty. It also helps to navigate those times of self-doubt, misgivings and loss of hope. The spiritual approach provides a profound sense of meaning and ethical grounding, and enables leaders to make decisions in alignment with compassion, integrity, and social responsibility.

By bringing these elements together responsible leaders foster environments of trust, empowerment, and inclusivity, encouraging others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and ethical leadership. In doing so, they create a positive ripple effect that not only transforms organizations but also contributes to the betterment of society as a whole.

Personal Development Workshops for Young Leaders

As a young leader you bring energy, excitement and innovation to the work place. But it’s easy to get pulled off track. We have many inner voices and lots of external pressures, how do we know who or what to respond to? Responsible leadership coaching offers an approach that empowers you to tap your full potential based on deep self-awareness, fostering a better understanding of your unique strengths, values, and purpose.

This heightened self-awareness serves as a foundation for more authentic and effective leadership, enabling you to align your actions with your true self. This enables you to gain deeper trust and engagement from your team and more confidence and conviction in your leadership.

Executive Coaching for Middle Management

Middle management has unique challenges of its own. You are managing pressures from above and below, pulling you in different directions. You will need to draw deeply on your values and self-belief whilst remaining flexible, humble and open to learning. Learning to stay grounded and present can help you find the peace and stillness that will underpin your best decisions.

Leadership coaching, drawing on psychosynthesis, empowers you to tune in to your deepest self.

Drawing on your deepest self enables you to act according to your deepest wisdom and from your inner sense of the ‘right’ thing to do for your organisation, your team and yourself.

Leadership Coaching for Senior Leaders and Founders

One of the challenges facing senior leaders is when to unlearn – because what got you to the top might not be what is needed to stay there. Great leaders learn to find their inner stillness, tune into their deepest self and act from a place of integrity and compassion rather than defensiveness. This is vital when responding to the dilemmas and complexities of leadership at this level.

Responsible leadership coaching supports leaders in building more meaningful and authentic relationships with their teams.

It fosters empathy, effective communication, and a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives within an organization. This, in turn, enhances team dynamics, employee engagement, and overall organizational success.

Female leadership development coach

What’s Next in Your Leadership Coaching Journey?

Please contact me for a ‘chemistry meeting’ where you will share what your aims are for the coaching. I will talk to you about my approach which is holistic and rooted in psychosynthesis – a method that combines the best of both eastern and western approaches to leadership. You will then decide if you would like to go ahead and, if so, we will agree an initial six sessions after which we will review progress. Sessions might take place every week, every two weeks or on demand, according to your preferences.

There will be an opportunity to practise certain skills between sessions and report back on what was learned. Sessions can take place face-to-face or over Zoom. The coaching can be a short intervention to address a particular issue in the workplace or an extended relationship where we explore all aspects of your ‘self’ both at work and at home in order to maximise your personal impact and wellbeing.

Local Community Offerings

In this world of Zoom connections, working across different time zones and multiple online workshops, I want to bring people together in the local community in order to build friendships and connections that last. We have all attended online or even face to face workshops with people from all parts of the world (either at work or in our private lives). They are great fun and often friendships can be formed. But it is difficult to sustain relationships when they span national and time zone boundaries.

I believe in the importance of sustainable, face-to-face local communities where like-minded people come together both formally (in workshops for example) and informally – for coffee, social gatherings and meetups. In order to facilitate this I offer personal development workshops in the local community. I also offer a free monthly gathering called Stillness on Sunday, where people come together to meditate, discuss topics around personal growth, read poems and listen to music – followed by refreshments and chat.

Stillness on Sunday

Stillness on Sunday is a local (Basingstoke) initiative that brings together people who are interested in celebrating life through poetry, music, connection with others and spirituality.

I believe that community is becoming more and more important. As we increasingly work from home we feel a greater need for face-to-face contact and when do find a community that supports our values, it is important that we have space to connect in a meaningful way.

Stillness on Sunday is a way to do that. We come together for a short meditation, a small group discussion, music and poetry and end with a chance to meet others over tea and coffee. The gathering takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month at 10:30. Please contact me for further details.

While this is a non-religious celebration of life, everyone is welcome regardless of religion or beliefs.

Personal Development Workshops

I offer tailored workshops in the community, for your organisation or even a small group of friends. Topics include:

Managing Personal Change with Serenity and Wisdom

Growing Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence and Self-Acceptance

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

Finding Your Spiritual Path

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you to develop confidence and self-belief by tuning into your true self or ‘soul’. It may involve identifying and overcoming limiting behaviours, managing your inner critic, developing assertiveness and building healthy relationships. Life coaching helps you to connect to your deeper self, beyond all the conditioning you have picked up from outside. This helps to create a life where you feel fulfilled, confident, resilient and content.

What Next?

Please contact me for a conversation about your needs. I will share my approach and we will find out what you would like to get out of the course. I run courses local to me (Basingstoke) or occasionally online. I will add you to a waiting list and let you know when the next course is running. Alternatively, we can organise a course for your organisation or even for your friends. Let’s chat about your needs.